Open House

Open House 2013 2

Fellowship for students, board members and other guests from the community.

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A New Chapter


As I sit here and reflect on all my four years of college have given me, it’s strange to think that the most treasured gift is not that of my education.  Instead it is the Wesley Foundation at Baylor. I have been given so many opportunities because of this place that I can’t see it as anything other than a holy place.  It is one of those places that I will show my children one day when I bring them to a homecoming.

This time last year I was very excited to begin my last year as a student at Baylor University. And four years ago I was beginning to get very eager to find out just how my life after high school would be. I know these feelings are exactly what many people are going through. Baylor and the Wesley Foundation will always have a very special place in my heart, and I will never be truly complete without thinking of them. [Read more...]

I pray for you (and me) . . . Sabbath!

KatieLong1 2

A few weeks ago, the Baylor campus and the Wesley were filled with activity . . . people studying for finals, getting ready to graduate, hearing from graduate school applications and finding last-minute summer jobs, and then packing up belongings and loading cars to head out for summer locations. Shortly Facebook was filled with pictures of more activity – celebrating with friends and family, ocean fishing, travels to distant places and more.

Next week, summer classes begin at Baylor. And students coming this fall will be in and out over the summer to attend orientation. Even with those and other activities, life is slower here in the summer. Fewer students, fewer classes, fewer demands. And more opportunities for Sabbath.

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From Rachel Hardgrave in Georgia

Rachel Hardgrave

In five days it will be five months since I arrived in Georgia.  No, not the state, but the Republic of Georgia – located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia with neighbors like Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.  My hope in moving my life over five thousand miles across the world was to serve to local community and learn as much as I could about Georgia’s mix of eastern and western culture.  My experience has been all of that, plus more.

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