Our Leadership

Both the Wesley Foundation and the United Methodist Student Movement offer students opportunities to lead and to follow. We don’t push people into leadership. We let them grow into it.

Wesley Schultz

Liason to Local Churches
Senior, Political Science

Wesley is a senior political science major with a minor in world affairs. He is a 2010 graduate of McNeil High School in Austin, Texas, and is now a full-time resident of Waco. His father is the senior pastor of St. Phillip’s United Methodist Church in Round Rock, and his grandfather was a Methodist preacher, so Methodism runs in his blood. Wesley is formerly the youth director at Bruceville-Eddy MC and now serves in that capacity at China Spring UMC. He is a huge fan of all things Baylor athletics and serves as the co-president of Bear Pit, the official student support group of Baylor basketball. He’ll gladly talk sports, government or church all day long. So feel free to contact him at Wesley_Schultz@baylor.edu.

Alexis Hitchcock

President, United Methodist Student Movement

Senior, English

Lexy is a senior English major with a minor in history, and is also a member of the Honors College. She graduated fourth in her class from Cleburne High School in 2010. In her spare time, she loves the play her flute, read, and hang out with friends. She has been a part of the Wesley Foundation and UMSM since her freshman year, and it has been a huge part of her college experience. Both the worship and friendships developed through the Wesley have made her feel at home at Baylor University. You can contact her at Alexis_Hitchcock@baylor.edu.

Carlton Metcalf-Doestch, “Chip MD”

Director of Communications, Wesley Foundation
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Graduated top five and top male from a small country town high school near the Houston area. Came to Baylor for Engineering because of my brother and also that I was “good at math.” Figured I would try the hardest major first, and it was not too hard. I’m academic chair and active member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity – almost as active as I am for the Wesley Foundation. I like to do assignments and study at the Wesley because it is close to Baylor; that is actually why I decided to get so involved. I like the Tuesday night worships for getting me though my first week of college. I like being active in video games including tennis, soccer and basketball, and FPSs, RTS and RPGs (if you’re a gamer you know what those mean ;) ) I’m always open to hearing concerns and helping others figure out ways to    resolve their problems, whether in class or in faith. Contact me at Carlton_Metcalf-Doestch@baylor.edu.

Alex Parker

Vice President, United Methodist Student Movement

Director of Recruitment

Junior, Religion

Alex is a junior religion major with a concentration in Biblical studies. He graduated from Mount Pisgah Christian School in Johns Creek, Georgia, but currently lives in Miami, Florida when not at Baylor. He has worked as an intern for Mount Pisgah UMC, FUMC Waco, and Central UMC in Waco, TX. Alex is a member of Central UMC and plans on going to seminary post-graduation. He is always looking for a way to serve to advance the kingdom of God. Feel free to contact him with any questions at a_parker@baylor.edu.

Charlie Blake

Co-Worship Leader
Sophomore, Business

Charlie is a sophomore business major from Plano, Texas. Graduated from Plano Senior High School in 2012, Charlie has a passion for composing music in his spare time. He has written original music for a professional brass ensemble, the Imperial Brass, student media projects, communion services in Plano, and entered several competitions. Not wishing to pursue music as a career, Charlie has found other outlets for his musical side, including leading worship at the Wesley Foundation and participating in Baylor choirs. He is always looking for anyone who wants to join him and Lexy in leading worship. Beyond music, Charlie is always trying to catch on fire with enthusiasm for whatever God has called him to do.  Contact Charlie at Charlie_Blake@baylor.edu

Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose
Sophomore, German/Modern Media Design
Rachel is a sophomore double major in German and Management Information Systems through the Business School and also participates in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core through the Honors College. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, speaking German with friends, and designing with computer software. She has just started to participate in Wesley Foundation events but already feels quite at home with the people there. You may contact her regarding website content (or the Wesley) at Rachel_Rose@baylor.edu.

Spencer Driver

Director of Missions
Junior, Religion
Spencer is a junior religion major with a concentration in Biblical studies and is striving for a minor in Business Administration. He is from Victoria, Texas. Graduated from St. Joseph High School. Spencer has been involved with several agencies in the local community: Christ’s Kitchen, American Cancer Society, Warriors Weekend, Habitat for Humanity, My Brother’s Keeper, and more. He has worked as an intern at FUMC Victoria. Spencer plans on going to seminary after he receives his undergraduate degree from Baylor. He is always opened to the Holy Spirit in serving others with a gentle heart for God’s glory.

Contact Spencer at Spencer_Driver@baylor.edu

The Rev. Dr. Katie Long

Director, Wesley Foundation
United Methodist Campus Minister

Katie loves being a pastor, especially in the campus setting. One of her particular joys in ministry is helping people listen for God’s calling in their lives.  She loves scripture and is interested in ancient traditions of worship, prayer and discipleship. She has done extensive study in Bowen family systems theory, which helps people understand themselves in the context of their family backgrounds.  Her wide background in ministry includes hospital chaplaincy and as a pastor in local churches around Texas.  Though she graduated (in journalism) from the school in Austin that favors burnt orange, in over five years at Baylor she definitely has warmed to green and gold.  Katie loves to garden (when the temperature is below 90 degrees) and to cook. She reads lots of biographies, particularly of American Presidents.  She is married to Mike Long, a writer and editor. They have a grown daughter, son-in-law and three certifiably wonderful grandchildren.  She recently has started Dawn Breaking, a blog of devotionals especially for people on campus  Contact Katie at baylorwesley@yahoo.com, 254-644-0262 or on Facebook or Twitter.